Exploring Pulau Hantu with RHIB Rides Singapore

We took a trip down to Pulau Hantu on our Kairos S12 Asia!
It’s an enjoyable ride with our RHIBs cutting through the waves like butter.
The journey is 15 to 20mins, no more long travel times if you want to get to the island fast!

Once we reached the island, we were greeted with sunny skies and waited for the tide to go down! Today’s itinerary was to go at low tide, to conduct an intertidal walk! Look at how serene the island looks at 3:30 pm!

We ended off the day with a beautiful sunset and a ride back on our Kairos S12 RHIB! If you would like to enjoy this experience, contact Ariel at 91892001!
This experience is open to everyone and can be tailored to suit company events.