Reason for Our Smile

Thank you for being the reason we smile 😊 Seeing our guests have the time of their lives and spend quality time with the people they love brings us so much joy! You are our inspiration to be the reason YOU smile. Tag us in your posts/stories when you come on our tour. We’d love

Educational and Insta-Worthy

That’s one for the books! Come on our educational venture out to sea with some incredible music and endless fun! Ride the waves and learn more about the history of Singapore’s Southern Islands. Strike some poses and prepare to have Insta-worthy photos. Enjoy a day out with your company with our team-building package that is

October Season

Hello, Spooky October~ Come take a ride with us this season! Give your children the biggest treat this year with a ticket on the RHIB boat. The little ones are going to enjoy it more than candy and chocolates. Use the code ‘October10’ to enjoy 10% off children’s tickets with the link below. Valid till

RHIB Rides Singapore’s 2nd Anniversary

WE TURN TWO THIS YEAR!🎉 It has been a wonderful time for us to see smiles on your faces as you enjoy our tours. We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who has supported us through this journey. With an even brighter future ahead, we look forward to bringing more fun and excitement

October Promotion!

10% OFF CHILDREN’S TICKETS for the whole of October! Rhib Rides Singapore is celebrating our 2nd anniversary and Children’s Day this October! Bring along the little ones as they will have a blast on our fun-filled tour. A insightful maritime adventure around the Southern Islands, alongside a breathtaking view of Singapore’s coasts.  It will definitely

World Maritime Day

Happy World Maritime Day! This year’s theme by the International Maritime Organization is ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’.  With new ideas and creative innovations, the maritime sector is gradually shifting its focus to sustainable development. Come with us as we bring you up close to these majestic vessels and ships to discover details about them.

Kusu Island

Kusu Island, a local favourite for a family past time. ✅Pay your respects at the sacred temples and shrines ✅Visit and observe the tortoise sanctuary ✅Take a dip on the pristine beach Want to enjoy a historical tour around the island? Let us bring you back in time! There are two packages that you can

Lazarus Island

Lazarus Bay, the perfect spot to chill. Clear blue waters accompanied with light salty breeze and sounds of waves. One word to describe: Serene.  It’s almost like you escaped the city and travelled to another country! Want to feel the beauty and enjoy the sweet serenity of Lazarus Island? There are two packages that you

Our Boats

Look at our boats go! With the spontoons and shock mitigation seats absorbing the impact of waves, the ride is fast and stable.  These high-performance beauties can individually hold up to 20 guests (S12) and 10 guests (S9).  Suitable for all ages as they cut through waves so easily, it’s almost like they are gliding

Heavenly Sight On Our RHIB Boat

What a heavenly sight! 😫 Which song do you think would fit this very moment? Comment down below your answers! — Our rides are ideal for all ages and customizable in terms of speed, music and waves. Imagining yourself on our boats? Book your slots now! WhatsApp 91892001 for more information or click link below