Weekday Swim and Chill Promo

The boat is yours for 3 hours!  Invite friends and family for a relaxing yet fun day out on our RHIB boat. It’s like a short getaway to another country but without your passports! You can also bring your own food and drinks onboard without any charges! WhatsApp 91892001 to book now!

30 October 2022 Multi-Sensory Coastal Ride

IT’S BACK! Enjoy a special morning expedition about Singapore’s coastal development on our amazing 3.5h Multi-Sensory Coastal Ride.  Bring your own food and we will take you to the mangrove to enjoy a memorable breakfast with spectacular views. Sit comfortably on the seats of our one and only RHIB boat and enjoy a magnificent sight

Weekday Special $99/Pax

Special Promo $99 Per Pax  Need a break but don’t have time to travel overseas by air? Do it by sea! Take a 60 Minute adventure around the Southern Islands on our fast craft without your passport! Get up close with majestic vessels at the anchorage and learn more about Singapore’s maritime development. DM or

Deepavali Promotion

30% off Children’s Tickets for 90 Minute Maritime Heritage Tour! Celebrate Deepavali with your family! Bring two kids and get 30% off their tickets. Learn about the Maritime history of Singapore’s Southern Islands on our fast craft. Swim at Lazarus Bay for 10 minutes or take a leisure walk on Kusu Island to see the

Reward Your Kids!

30% off Children’s Tickets for 90 Minute Maritime Heritage Tour! Kids having exams? Reward them to see the Southern Islands and learn about the developments of Singapore’s maritime on our fast crafts! Swim at Lazarus Bay for 10 minutes or take a leisure walk on Kusu Island to see the tortoise sanctuary. DM or WhatsApp

Secret Agent Style

*Cues Mission Impossible theme song* A secret mission has been uncovered, and you’re our only hope.  We’ve got your back. Live the secret agent fantasy in style. We will equip you with goggles, lifejackets, and lap belts. Suitable for all ages! Ready to feel like a secret agent? WhatsApp 91892001 for more information or click

Happy Children’s Day

10% off Children’s tickets till end of October! Happy Children’s Day! For all children in the world to stay happy and healthy, always. Our best wishes go out to all of you. We are sharing joy this October because children get to go on our 60 Minute Maritime Heritage Tour at a 10% discount!  It’s

Reason for Our Smile

Thank you for being the reason we smile 😊 Seeing our guests have the time of their lives and spend quality time with the people they love brings us so much joy! You are our inspiration to be the reason YOU smile. Tag us in your posts/stories when you come on our tour. We’d love

Educational and Insta-Worthy

That’s one for the books! Come on our educational venture out to sea with some incredible music and endless fun! Ride the waves and learn more about the history of Singapore’s Southern Islands. Strike some poses and prepare to have Insta-worthy photos. Enjoy a day out with your company with our team-building package that is

October Season

Hello, Spooky October~ Come take a ride with us this season! Give your children the biggest treat this year with a ticket on the RHIB boat. The little ones are going to enjoy it more than candy and chocolates. Use the code ‘October10’ to enjoy 10% off children’s tickets with the link below. Valid till